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Worry About It!

"I spent the whole day in my head
Do a little spring cleaning, I'm always too busy dreaming
Well, maybe I should wake up instead"
-Mac Miller
I believe in seasonal depression. Personally the spring is a particularly hard time. The weather plays into my emotions. Anniversaries of sad events, the end of the holiday season. Returning to school after winter breaks spent with my family and best friends. Coming back from winter break is always rocky just because my best friends hop on flights to their respective states and it often feels like I am left behind. Getting back into a routine helps, but down time can be detrimental to my day.

My boss once sent us
"I know it’s a super rainy day and that causes so many inconveniences walking to and from class. You get wet and dirty and it’s kind of cold. While it may make your life a little harder, remember the rain is bringing life back to our water sources, plants, grass, and cleaning up dirt and grime from our world. It’s cleansing our environment so when the sun shines again, everything is so much nicer."

Physically, spring cleaning is awesome. Getting rid of clutter and dust, opening a window to let the fresh air in. Pro Tip: before a big event, test, audition, or interview, wash your car, do the dishes, clean your room and any other tidy things.

When you take this time to take care of physical spring cleaning, use it as time for your mental spring cleaning too. Spend time alone with your thoughts. When you wake up every morning YOU are the one living your life everyday. You should be your own #1 fan. You are the root of 95% of the problems in your life. Take this as a positive thing because that also means that you have the solution to 95% of your problems. Focus on loving yourself in this time. Clean out the bad thoughts, and sad feelings. Everyone has a different method of coping. For me, I have to feel all the feelings.

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