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Creating a Passion for Goodness: Bearkats in the Wild

Recently, I realized how privileged I am to have been blessed with parents that educated me about the outdoors. To me, hiking, paddling, starting a fire, cooking with coals, reading a map, leave no trace, and tying knots are simple things. I learned all of these skills in elementary school and had always assumed most people did too. Thankfully I was in girl scouts and my brothers were in boy scouts, so family camping trips were stacked with a team of experienced outdoorsmen. In college I got involved with our outdoors program and met people that were far more skilled than I was. In reality there were way more people that did not have these skills. After a trip to Washington to the Association of Outdoor Educators conference I took matters into my own hands and decided to bring these opportunities to my campus. I am giving birth to Bearkats in the Wild. Here is the outline that I have created.

Bearkats in the wild

Vision: To inform the SHSU community about beginner outdoor skills and ethics through interactive classes that enable and inspire outdoor activity.

$5 per class $15 for all 5 classes

Guides will create course content and an itinerary that will be approved by Lara for accuracy. Proposals must be in written form with list of supplies, topics being covered and a list of things that participants should bring/know before coming that we can send through emails. Proposals should be emailed to Lara 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Climbing Basics

2/4/20 Tuesday 5-8pm @ climbing center

-Want to start climbing but don’t know how? This class is an intro to the world of climbing. You will learn, knot tying, climbing tips, climbing jargon, and learn a climbing routine that fits your lifestyle. No equipment necessary. We will end with a movie night featuring “Free-Solo” about Climber Alex Honnold and his ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

  • Terms

  • Safety

  • Knot tying

  • I will ask what people would like to teach and how to make it fun

  • Ask participants to wear pants, and bring water bottles

How to Campfire

2/27/20 Thursday 5-7pm @ state park? National forest? BKC?

-Come build community while learning to safely start, and put out fires using different techniques and resources. Individuals will be able to start their own fires and enjoy a crisp night with s’mores and campfire activities.

  • Should you build a fire? 3 questions to ask before starting a fire

  • How to start a fire using different types of wood and starters
    • How to collect firewood and what kind of firewood to collect (not live)

    • Tinder, kindling, firewood, matches

    • Green wood, the a-hole, no branches form live trees

  • Make smores and enjoy campfire talk! Campfire activities (Learning to tie knots)

  • How to put out a fire

  • Participants bring water bottles

Cooking Outdoors

3/4/20 Wednesday 5-8pm @ gear shed? camp?

-Have you ever heard someone say that food tastes better when you cook it outside? Well, we think it’s true! We will teach you how to create cuisine in dutch ovens, camper stoves, and fires. This course is loaded with valuable information that you can use when you do outdoor cooking yourself, or just join us to have a great meal while enjoying the outdoors. No special skills required.

  • Coals

  • How heat works by rising, more on top vs on bottom to push heat down

  • Prepare in a clean way

  • Entre and dessert

  • Dutch oven (enchiladas and dump cake?)

  • Foil packets (s’mores in a cone)

  • Propane stove etiquette (queso) (cook the meat) (beans)

Trailblazers- How to Hike (Huntsville state park) NATIONAL FORREST

3/28/20 Saturday Noon-4pm

-Want to go hiking or backpacking but don’t know how? Experts will teach you how to be a true trailblazer with skills like reading maps, packing properly, and how to plan your next hiking adventure. We will discuss outdoor ethics like Leave No Trace. Bring a backpack and a water bottle and we will enjoy lunch at a scenic overlook in Huntsville State Park.

  • How to read maps

  • Leave no trace

  • Outdoor ethics

  • Backpacking logistics

  • Animal and plant identification

  • Hike from red star on right side of picture to the scenic overlook on the left side. Park cars somewhere by the black trail?

  • Where to park, what lunch stuff, contact the office before hand to get passes early?

Peace Love and Paddling

4/12/20 @ bkc 4-8pm

-Enjoy a relaxing day by the water out at Bearkat camp. Kayak or canoe on the lake, hammock on land, and enjoy a sunset dinner with your new outdoor friends.

  • How to paddle correctly

  • Water tides

  • Boating knots

  • Puffs and lulls

  • Boating safety

  • Why wear a PFD

  • Boating jargian

  • Bring hammocks

  • Plan a dinner that will be ready by sunset

  • Sunset is estimated to be 7:50